The “Godfather of  Speed Training For Football” Is Spilling  The Beans And Releasing A Step By Step Process To Develop Football Speed With Maximum Results!

For the first time ever, Coach Dale Baskett is unleashing his 32 plus years of undisclosed football speed training knowledge through his “Speed Training For Football” Video Membership Site.

Coach Baskett has trained at the Professional, Collegiate, and High School levels. He has trained 100+ NFL Players, Countless Athletes for the NFL Combine, 22 All Pro Players, 3 Hall of Fame Players, NFL teams, MLB teams, Professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and 80,000+ Athletes Nationwide.

What’s Not Getting You Faster For Football…

The problem is that “so called” football speed trainers have come out of the wood work and are trying to teach speed, but are using the wrong methods. It is not there fault. There hasn’t been any where for them to be properly trained for football speed. But, it is sad to say that many people are wasting there time and money on speed trainers, gizmos and gadgets.  To be quite honest, this type of training regime can become nothing more than a dog and pony show, because it is not covering the necessary needs for true football speed development.

Speed trainers have been looking desperately for anything to help produce speed. What this has done is  ignited the speed toy market and set it on fire. Go ahead and Google “Speed Training Equipment” and you will see what I am talking about.  There are parachutes, ladders, sleds, power balls, bungies, ankle weights, harnesses, yada yada… the list goes on and on.

Now don’t get me wrong, these gadget can produce some positive results. Anything you use consistently over a period time will give you some type of gain. Maximizing the potential of each athlete will never occur when applying improper methods.

Football Speed Is Multi-Directional

The second problem is that track drills have permeated the football speed world.  Beginning in the later 80′s and early 90′s, a number of new track techniques infiltrated the football community which were being promoted heavily by the track community for football coaches.  Soon these techniques and drills were consistently being taught and sold to hungry football coaches at national clinics.

These drills spread through the country like wildfire with the conception by the football community that these concepts would produce football speed.  The drills are well known today as the A Drill, B Drill, A Skips, B Skips, hops, stationary leg cycle rotations, push up sprints, sand sprints, pool running, belt resist release sprints, power bands, steep hill sprints, and many more. The problem with these drills is that they are misguided in terms of specificity for developing true football speed.  The sad part is that they become more entertainment than results orientated.

Okay, Now What?

The Training Equipment And Track Drills Don’t Work.

What Does Work?

The good news is that, if you are not naturally fast, speed can be taught. It’s possible to increase everyone’s speed through sound mechanical methods that can train and athlete how to move more efficiently and faster. Coach Dale Baskett, Godfather of Football Speed Training , has developed the only program in the world for athletic speed and movement development that is bio-mechanically accurate for developing productive performance results. Speed and movement development requires refinement of motor pattern functions.  With the exclusive Speed Training For Football Membership, you will have access to the most effective, comprehensive, and proven program available.

The Only Progression Training Process That Will Make Athletes Faster!
American Football Monthly Magazine – Speed Report
“When I first began to put together a speed system for teaching, it was important that track was not the focus. My football and track background changed the way I perceived what speed needed to be for football. In 1979, I began designing a series of short lineal training packages for football speed and movement. The objective was to apply proper bio-mechanical applications for acceleration, change of directions and varying frequencies. These mechanics, must first, be taught lineally. Then you move to momentum displacement work as a secondary phase. Track techniques that were used and are still currently used are counter-productive to this theory. When velocity of human movement is displaced from a lineal plane, mechanical function is instantly altered. Track speed training doesn’t cover momentum displacement because it’s purely lineal. All of my work was focused on bio-mechanical specific speed characteristics that address displacement movement speed. Time spent on the 40’s squanders too much time for what little it delivers for football speed.”  Coach Dale Baskett

Dale Baskett has lectured to NSCA members and The Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association on his progressive and unique football speed and movement systems. He is also the expert football speed advisor for American Football Monthly Magazine, the only football coach’s magazine in America. He has been the football speed authority in a featured monthly column, “The Speed Report” since 2006.

Eugene Robinson, NFL Player, All Pro – Voted by NFL Coaches as One of the Two Best Safetys Of The Decade For the 90′s, (the other was Ronnie Lott). “Upon completion of my first season in the NFL, it was apparent that speed was a key to whether I would have a future in pro football. That is when I was introduced to Dale Baskett. I have trained with Coach Baskett for 14 of my 15 years as a player and his program has been the determining factor for my success in the NFL. Every young athlete should be striving to develop the most important asset in sports today…SPEED!”

Coach Baskett began training athletes for speed development when speed coaches did not exist. He is the “first speed coach in America” and is the foundational pioneer in the industry. He has trained athletes for the past 32 years and has traveled the nation for nearly 25 years teaching athletes and coaches his patented speed progression training systems for linear football speed.

Become A Member

For the first time ever, Dale Baskett, founder of Football Speed and Movement Association, is unleashing his 32 plus years of undisclosed knowledge and is offering online step by step video  series on speed training for football through an exclusive membership site.

This is a complete and comprehensive speed training for football program.  Members will have 24/7 full access to never seen before speed training information that has been kept under raps until now!

Who Is This Membership For?

  • Football Coaches
  • Personal and Speed Trainers
  • Someone Who Wants To Become A Legitimate Speed Trainer
  • Parents Who Want To Teach Their Kids
  • Youth Football Coaches

Members Will Receive…

  • Classroom Workshop Training Manual
  • Lineal & Speed Drills Training Chart
  • Lateral Drills Field Training Chart
  • 12 Live Classroom Workshop Videos
  • 27 Drill Instruction and Demonstration
  • 24/7 Access To All Training Information
  • Unlimited Email Q&A

This Program Is The Steak, NOT The Sizzle!

You can now have access to the only systematic developmental progression speed training for football system in the world. A training system that is proven and guaranteed to produce maximum results.

More Testimonies…

Carl Fruechte, Head Coach , Caledonia High School – Caledonia Minn.– 4 State Championships last 5 Years says, “I thought of myself as a football coach who knew a little bit about speed training. Read 10 books, have a desk full of videos, then I was put on to Coach Baskett. I realized immediately his system and knowledge like non-other I’ve encountered. This will be the fourth year he’s coming back to my program we get better every year.”
Ernie Cooper, Head Coach, Granite Bay HS – Sacramento CA – 9 Straight League titles since school was built, 8 of 9 years in CIF Finals, 1 year Champions, ( The year Baskett’s program was installed) says, “I’ve brought him back 3 years running and we keep learning more each time. I had a speed coach I used for years until coach Baskett arrived, he’s not a speed coach he’s an institution!
Terry Collins – Broken Arrow HS, Oklahoma, Assist. Football Coach/ Sprint Coach in Track says, “I met coach Baskett at an AFM Football Clinic. I have traveled the country for years meeting all the named people in the speed training business. Many are good at what they do, but after spending time with each of them, I realized they didn’t compare. I was dazed upon discovering coach Baskett’s system. So much, that I went to San Diego to learn his program and spent time with him. I’ve had his package in for two years and it has turned our program around considerably. His training is different than anyone else applies and I know because I’ve met and watched all the best in America.”
Bill Gillespe, Strength & Conditioning Coach- 15 years U of Washington, 3 years Seattle Seahawks says, “Over the last 18 years, I’ve installed coach Baskett’s program into my training program and I’ve yet to find something out there that comes close to what he’s developed. It’s off the chart, brilliant material and years of study puts his product in a whole different stratosphere. It’s outside the box thinking but guided by scientific accuracy of proven biomechanical truths.”
Randy Dreiling – Hutchinson HS, Hutchison, Kansas – 6 straight State Championships 04,05,06,07,08,09,10 says, “I had been reading coach Baskett’s Speed Report for over four years in AFM. I figured we were pretty good,but I was impressed with his articles that I decided to e-mail him. The email went something like, “I must be dumb, because I don’t get it with what your telling us.” I decided to bring him in to our program, but our administration would not pay the bill. Nervously, I personally stepped up, and paid out of my own pocket. After the first day of training, our administration saw such a huge difference in our players that they changed their mind and paid for the whole package. Now that I’ve learned what to look for it’s easy to teach the product. He’s coming back again this year for more advanced programing, can’t wait.”
Joe Vitt, Asst. Head Coach, (World Champion) New Orleans Saints says, “I hired Baskett when I was in Seattle with the Seahawks, he is truly the first pioneer in the football speed world and a real pro. We got tremendously faster and better on our feet.”
Vinny Perretta, Minnesota Vikings #15 says, “I firmly believe that Coach Dale Baskett is the best in the business. His background experience and knowledge are second to none. There is a reason why some of his clients have become the best in the NFL. Because of Coach Dale Baskett and his unique plan, I am humbly proud to say that he has helped guide me to having a successful college career at Boise State and my first year in the NFL under my belt.”
Dale Baskett’s Speed Training System For Skill Application Procedure Is The Most Progressive Teaching Concept On The Globe And It Guarantees Maximum Results.

How much is this going to cost?

For the past 30 years, Coach Baskett has been available only for private and costly training sessions resulting in many people not being able to have access to him. This Speed Training For Football Membership is Coach Baskett’s training program that you can have immediate access to.  Coach Dale Baskett gets paid $3,500 plus travel expenses per training session. It has been difficult for the many to learn and be trained correctly on how to develop football speed. Most people don’t know about his training system, because only a small hand full of people have been exposed due to the high cost of his services.

But, this program is not going to cost you $3,500!

He has finally decided to launch “Speed Training For Football”. This will be a members only football speed training program. In this membership you will learn all of Dale Baskett’s speed training information. You will also have access to Dale Baskett through this membership, which is for members only.

This membership will be limited. Coach Baskett will only be able to properly support and train a certain number of people. This will allow Coach Baskett to maintain a proper quality of support of his personal services to you. Once this site reaches maximum capacity the membership will be CLOSED until he is able to add more members.


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